When going off-road, one will subject a vehicle to a lot of stress. This can cause serious damage to the body and drivetrain. For this reason, one must inspect their vehicle after a race. Here are three things to look for when looking at the vehicle.

Fluids: One should look at and around the engine. When looking at this area, a driver should look for any fluids leaking from the vehicle. When this happens, it may be harmless, or it may be cause for concern. Remember, leaking fluids can cause serious long-term problems to the Read the rest of this entry »

Do you regularly participate in the exciting sport of sand racing? If so, then you have probably found that keeping your engine clean and clear of debris and sand can seem like a near impossible task. However, in order to prolong the life of your sand dune’s engine, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to clean out sand from the engine itself. Failure to do so could result in expensive engine repairs or complete engine failure, which is the last thing that you want to happen during a race.

Fortunately, Read the rest of this entry »

Whether you are new to the extreme sport of BMX or have been doing it for awhile, you are probably aware that speed is a vital component in this sport. After all, high speeds are often necessary to reach the altitude and momentum necessary to perform a number of impressive tricks. Because of this, many BMX riders constantly find themselves looking for the best ways to go about increasing their speeds. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways to make a BMX bike faster.

Most of these methods of increasing Read the rest of this entry »

There is nothing like getting behind the wheel of a powerful go-kart. Here are some ways that you can tweak your go-cart for more horsepower.

Adjust the Governor
A go-kart’s engine uses a governor to make sure that the kart never exceeds a certain speed. This is mainly done for the safety of the novice drivers. However, this does nothing for the veteran go-kart rider that craves more performance. Simply adjust the governor or remove it altogether to Read the rest of this entry »

Getting dirty has never been this much fun. Here are some four-wheeler mud racing events that promise to get the heart pumping.

ATV Dirt Drag Racing
This event is similar to the drag racing that is done on asphalt, except the riders compete on dirt. The racers try to hone their ATV riding skills in order to get to the finish line before their opposition. One missed shift or spinning tire could mean a sudden defeat. Many ATV owners try to modify their engines in order to Read the rest of this entry »

ATV ownership can be a lot of fun, especially if you are the type who loves off roading and exploring uncharted territory. However, as you can imagine, off roading can result in a lot of wear and tear on your ATV tires over time. For this reason, it is rather common to have to replace ATV tires relatively frequently and make sure that your vehicle is properly insured by a carrier like http://carinsurance-deals.com/progressive/. The average ATV owner will need to purchase all new tires at least once every few years, though of course this depends on the amount the vehicle is driven and the specific types of terrain on which it is driven.This{{/tag} helps explain it more.

So when it comes time to replace your ATV tires, you may be wondering how to go about finding the best ones for you. First of all, you may want to consider the budgeted money that you have set aside for the tires. This will ensure that you do not overspend. From there, do some research into the brands and sizes that are most popular for your particular ATV. Some of the more common and reliable brands to choose from these days when it comes to ATV tires Rocky Mountain Tires and Hoosier Tires, so consider checking these out as you shop around.